Demo sxapi

This helm chart is used to create a deployment of a small an simple micro-service based on sxapi engine running under nodejs engine.

Requirements and guidelines

Read the startx helm-repository homepage for more information on how to use theses resources.

Deploy this helm chart on openshift

Connect to your Openshift cluster

oc login -t <token> <cluster-url>

Install the repository

helm repo add startx

Get information about this chart

helm show chart startx/sxapi

Install this chart

helm install startx/sxapi

Default values

Complete deployment of a project with the following characteristics :

  • 1 service named sxapi load balancing to pod deployed
  • 1 deployment named sxapi deploying 1 pod from version 0.3.53 sxapi image running the prod:start command with debug enabled
  • 2 configMap holding sxapi configuration and pod environmnet variable context
# base configuration running default configuration
helm install startx/sxapi

Others values availables

helm install startx/sxapi -f
  • v0.0.1 : v0.0.1 production environment (see values.yaml)
helm install startx/sxapi -f
  • v0.0.2 : v0.0.2 production environment (see values.yaml)
helm install startx/sxapi -f


Release Date Description
0.0.1 2020-09-14 Initial commit for this repository
0.2.9 2020-10-24 Update all demo-xxx charts
0.2.11 2020-10-25 publish stable update for the full repository
0.2.22 2020-10-26 Align all releases to 0.2.22
0.2.31 2020-10-26 unstable common release for all startx helm-repository charts
0.2.33 2020-10-26 Align all startx helm chart to 0.2.33 release