Building environment

In order to get the full developement environment, you must stick to the following procedure

0. Requirements

  • Having a RedHat like (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, …) operating system
  • Install git with sudo yum install git
  • Install helm with sudo yum install helm
  • Install openshift client with sudo yum install openshift-client

1. Get a copy of the repository

git clone
cd helm-repository

2. Create your first chart

Create a new helm chart based on the sx-helm template.

./sx-helm myhelm create

3. Test your chart

Execute helm template and helm lint on the given chart

./sx-helm myhelm test

4. Package your chart

Record all code change into the git repository. Afterwork, execute helm dependency update and helm package on this updated content. Produce a chart archive (tgz).

./sx-helm myhelm package

5. Release your chart

Upgrade release version and update history log under the git repository. Execute the package step and move chart package into index directory.

./sx-helm myhelm release

5. Publish your chart

Execute the release step and move chart package into index directory. Update the repository index and merge to the master branch for publication. Push all change to remote repository.

./sx-helm myhelm release

5. Delete a helm

Remove local directory, commit locally and push to remote repository this deletion. Keep .

./sx-helm myhelm delete