Cluster keycloak

This helm chart is used to deploy Keycloak instances managed by a dedicated operator. This chart is part of the cluster-xxx startx helm chart that doesn’t create application deployment but rather represent a cluster configuration state orchestrated by gitops tools like ArgoCD.

Requirements and guidelines

Read the startx helm-repository homepage for more information on how to use theses resources.

Deploy this helm chart on openshift

1. Connect to your Openshift cluster

oc login -t <token> <cluster-url>

2. Install the repository

helm repo add startx

3. Get information about this chart

helm show chart startx/cluster-keycloak

4. Install this chart

helm install startx/cluster-keycloak

Default values

Complete deployment of a project with the following characteristics :

xxxxxx TO DO xxxxxx

# base configuration running default configuration
helm install startx/cluster-keycloak

Others values availables

helm install startx/cluster-keycloak -f


Release Date Description
0.3.179 2021-02-10 Create chart cluster-keycloak from cluster-ptp
0.3.179 2021-02-10 Improve cluster-keycloak options
0.3.181 2021-02-11 publish stable update for the full repository