Cluster Thanos

This helm chart must have a description

Install the repository

helm repo add startx

Get information about this chart

helm show chart startx/cluster-thanos

Install this chart

helm install startx/cluster-thanos

Default values

Complete deployment of a project with the following characteristics :

  • 1 project: named open-cluster-management-observability with the following properties
  • 1 LimitRange: defined for this projet
  • 1 Quotas: defined for this projet
  • 3 RBAC: allowing mygroup_example to edit resources
  • 1 operator: named advanced-cluster-management configured with
  • The release-2.4 channel
  • The 2.4.0 version
  • Deployed under the open-cluster-management-observability project
  • The manager deployed
  • 1 mch: named default-mch configured with
  • hive enabled
  • ingress enabled
# base configuration running default configuration
helm install startx/cluster-thanos

Others values availables

  • startx : Startx Thanos cluster wide service configuration using startx group (dev, devops and ops) (see values.yaml)
helm install startx/cluster-thanos -f


Release Date Description
9.8.110 2022-04-27 Create chart cluster-thanos from cluster-thanos
9.8.215 2022-05-06 Upgrade startx chart dependencies to version 9.8.211
9.8.230 2022-05-06 Stable full repository
9.8.231 2022-05-06 Debug basic chart dependencies
9.8.233 2022-05-06 publish stable update for the full repository